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Agile Outcome Practitioner™ (AOP™)

The Agile Outcome Practitioner™ (AOP™) Simulation & Certification Program become the trendsetter in the market. This Course has set LAAU as a Unique Value and Service Provider in the Global Market

LAAU has become the Most Trusted Accreditation Body in the Global Market

LAAU has set up a dedicated team to Assist the Client Background Verification Team to LAAU Credential Holders

LAAU Set up the Change Control Board (CCB), Research and Development Team

The Change Control Board (CCB) Members and Research & Development (R&D) Team Members Work together. It’s the Global R&D Consultants Team that performs all the Research activities and Conduct Experiments that include Business Reviews Performed in APAC, MENA, North America, South America, the UK, and Europe.

The Consolidated Data and Reports need to be Published every quarter. The CCB’s Go/No-Go Meetings will be conducted Every Six Months. The approved topics and content have to be added to the Course Portfolio by the LAAU Digital Team.

The R&D Team has the right to approach the CCB Team to Conduct Ad-hoc meetings based on the quick market changes that can occur due to many reasons including a Global Pandemic.

As a Global Service Provider, the LAAU Accreditation Body also follows the Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery of Courses that can fulfill the need of the Global Market.