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Bringing the Best Outcome & Innovation-based Agile Leaders for the 21st Century Organizations!

Learn How to Transform Your Team & Organization from "Doing Agile" to "Being Agile"

Learn How to STOP Focusing on Requirements & Solutions to Current Problems, START Focusing on Outcomes & Innovations

Learn How to STOP Planning around Requirements & Current Problems,
START Planning around Outcomes & Innovations

Learn How to STOP Delivering Features & Solutions, START Delivering Outcomes & Innovations

About Us

The Lean Agile Audit University (LAAU) is the Home of Outcome and Innovation-based Agile. We Offer Courses & Credentials Delivered through a Global Network of Certified Lean Agile Audit Professional Trainers.

STOP Applying Theoretical Knowledge to Lead Assignments, START Applying Tools to Lead Assignments.

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Complete L1 to become A LAAU Certified Agile Outcome Practitioner (AOP)

Complete L1 & L2 to become A Professional Agile Outcome Leader(PAOL)

Complete L1, L2 & L3 to become A Professional Agile Outcome & Innovation Leader™ (PAOIL™)

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