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The LAAU Evolved/Formed after the Discovery of A Social Need:

  • To Empower Knowledge Workers & Organizations by Introducing Intellectual Tools & Offer Management and Leadership Training on How to Apply these learnings at their Workplace
  • To Enable Organizations & Knowledge Workers to do Something to Achieve Desired Outcomes Rather than Seeking Ways to  Compliant With Frameworks, Processes, or Any Other Approaches

So that they Can be More Effective and Empower Organizations to Achieve their Customers/Users Desired Outcomes & Introduce Frequent Innovations for Enabling Survivability.

About Us

The Lean Agile Audit University (LAAU) is the Home of Outcome and Innovation-based Agile. We Offer Courses & Credentials Delivered through a Global Network of Accredited Outcome & Innovation Trainers.

STOP Applying Theoretical Knowledge to Lead Assignments, START Applying Tools to Lead Assignments.

Follow Our Official Hashtag – #YesWeBeingAgile


Be an Agile Outcome Practitioner

Complete CLAP-OM-L1 is not a beginner-level course. The beginner level is the IOP

LAAU Certified Advanced Agile Outcome Professional

Completing CLAP-OM-L1 & CLAP-OM-L2 qualifies you to receive the AAOP Credentials

Attending the Two Day actionable guidance from an LAAU Accredited Trainer qualifies you to receive the Business Innovation Designer Credentials from the LAAU

BID is not the Innovation Foundation Level Course (IIP), but the Designer, Advanced Level

Your Growth Path