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About Lean Agile Audit University (LAAU)

About Lean Agile Audit University

Lean Agile Audit University (LAAU) is the only one in the World Offering Workshop & Certification Programs on Outcome & Innovation-based Agile. We Run Several Programs to Enable Agile Leaders or Aspiring Agile Leaders to shift the Focus of Teams and Organizations towards Achieving Desired Outcomes and Introducing Frequent Innovations by applying Management and Coaching Tools than just fulfilling Customer requirements or delivering Solutions to their Current Problems.


The People Choose Lean Agile Audit University Credentials because We enable professionals to Generate Desired Outcomes & Introduce Frequent Innovations for their Customers irrespective of the type of Assignment they work on. They can achieve this by applying the Lean Agile Outcome and Innovation Method.

We Enable the Agile Leaders/Aspiring Agile Leaders to STOP Applying the Theoretical Knowledge to Lead Assignments to date and START applying Coaching Tools (LAADIO, Outcome Lens, Innovation Lens, LAA & Many More), Management Tools (PLP, PLC, PLS, CFD, OIDS & Many More) & Communication Tool to Lead Assignments.

This Makes them Outcome & Innovation-based Agile Leaders.

No Organizations Can Survive in the 21st Century without generating the “Desired Outcomes” at the right time and Introducing “Frequent Innovations.” The Outcome & Innovation-based Agile Leaders Make themselves Remarkable in their Workplace by Making it Happens, Because they are Specifically Trained for it.

The Outcome & Innovation-based Agile Leaders to use the Outcome Leadership Language (OLL) to Motivate Individuals, Teams, and Organizations. Applying this Communication Tool can Save plenty of time and Enable You to Provide Plenty of Insights to the Stakeholders Including the Customers and Users Irrespective of the Type (Product Development, Research, and  Development Projects or Products, Large Development Projects, Application Support, and Maintenance Projects or Products, Production Support, Program Management, Portfolio Management, Agile Transformation & Change Transformation) & Stage (Sprint Planning, Backlog Refinement, Retrospective or Lessons Learned Sessions, Planning Stage, UAT, Development, Testing, Analysis or any other Custom Stage) of Your Assignments.

The Outcome & Innovation-based Agile Leaders Provide Realistic Forecasting & Better Commitments by Applying different Techniques even in the midst of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity & Ambiguity of the 21st Century. They are Expert in Applying:

  1. PULL System Practices, Practices, and Conversion Techniques
  2. CFD
  3. Littles Law

They are Well-Trained in Designing and Implementing Reliable and Stable Outcomes & Innovation-driven Systems applying Outcome & Innovation-based Agile.

The Outcome & Innovation-based Agile Leaders are Trained in Debugging the Troubled Assignments to Make them Reliable & Stable.

The Trained Outcome & Innovation-based Agile Leaders are Experts in Ensuring Faster Delivery by Applying Early Value Delivery (EVD) Principles & Practices.

They are Expert in Leading Outcome & Innovation-driven planning across the Organization. The Outcome and Innovation Driven Planning Uses Early value Delivery (EVD) Principles and Practices.

The benefits of Outcome and Innovation-driven Planning is:

  • Early Removal of Planning & Strategical Waste
  • Done by Combining Statistics & Experiments
  • Shift the Focus from Just Fulfilling the Requirements/Solutions for the Current Problems to Outcomes & Innovations

The Objective of Conducting the Outcome & Innovation-based Agile Workshop & Certification Program is NOT for Preparing the Participants to Write Exams & End the Journey, Rather the Objective is to Apply Some of their Learnings in their Workplace and Lead the On-Going Assignments Starting from the Next Immediate Working Day.

What does it Mean to be Implementable by Next Immediate Working Day?

  1. Economical & Easy to Implement
  2. No need for Additional Budget Approval
  3. No need for seeking permissions
  4. Within the span of Current Political Control
  5. No need for Negotiation with External or Internal Stakeholders
  6. The Learnings go well with all the Agile Frameworks & Hybrid or Customized Approaches
  7. No need for New Hiring or Immediate Upskilling
  8. Can Implement Irrespective of the Type of the Assignment
  9. Can Implement Irrespective of the Stage/Phase of the Assignment
  10.  Credentials Holders Will be able to STOP Applying Theoretical Knowledge and START Applying Tools and become more Effective in the Workplace

Lean Agile Audit University is on a mission of Creating Outcome & Innovation-based Agile Leaders across the GlobeJoin us to Start Your Journey Today

“Outcome & Innovation Accelerator”

The Outcome & Innovation-based Agile can Act as an Outcome & Innovation Accelerator for Your Assignment by:

  • Shifting the Focus towards Outcomes & Innovations
  • Shifting the Focus towards Delivering Outcomes & Innovations
  • Shifting the Focus towards Planning around Outcomes & Innovations

“Doing Agile” to “Being Agile”

The Outcome & Innovation-based Agile can Enable You to Transform:

  • Individuals from “Doing Agile” to “Being Agile”
  • The Teams from “Doing Agile” to “Being Agile”
  • The Organization from “Doing Agile” to “Being Agile”